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Here two book reviews:

Rear side of the book:

No book, but a seminar between two book covers experiences reader inside with fantasy, creativity and power. The effect of this book rises around a multiple, since on the part of the authoress corresponding precautions were taken. Thus becomes here clearly that the cosy reading - sitting in the soft armchair - is only one form of the rezeption, another is literary with doing by parallel recordings, with Mappings, Mind sketches, and again another is that active mental journeys. By the book BrainLand. Here the viewer of the book becomes the Insider of its brain. At 19 critical points one learns the most unexpected aspects of thinking and knowing, always metaphorically, so that for own thought work much space remains. Almost besides one notices consistent learning of the Mind Mapping, which is visibly becoming part of a thought development erruptive kind. Not sorting, narrowing, omitting, but changing, adding, the mental movement is up-foaming: no RE-, also no E -, but one Explo-volution expects us, if, if we do not only read rezeptiv. " Mind Mapping ", this simply ingenious thinking philosophy for everyone - which was often bent and watered - a new priming experiences in this book. So beautifully Mind Mapping can be... With BrainLand succeeded, the gap of that application-friendly learning literature over Mind Mapping, which is connected with other neuro models like the NLP or mental training, too fill.

BrainLand is a spreading concept for learning and thinking in arrange-chaotic conditions and possibilities.

And from the publishing house message:

An unusual dramaturgy pulls " BrainLand through ". Maria Beyer passes your various experiences on as trainer of many years of MindMapping at you, dear readers. She trains the Mind Mapping functions and offers a book in the book. It is confusing logically and calculably precipitously at the same time; Like a thinking à la Mind Mapping. Reality levels constantly change between external time, book time or BrainLand time... At the end you, reader inside, along-created yourselves your own book!

" the small talk over thinking, mental evolution and the coming possibilities, which we must fulfill in the future, is consciously in detail set to the start and sometimes causes an impatience concerning an expected Mind Mapping training. " As however the MindMapping - after knowledge of the few simple rules or special features - is very easy to handle and to analyze by itself I felt compelled to light up the Meta structures of thinking and the Mind Mappings detailed or infragezustellen...

You have sufficiently opportunity, your own knowledge and past experiences in the practical work at the same time flow to leave. The book becomes in the course

of its ' route de Brain ' more and more the strategy script, you, dear reader and also you, dear reader, in self-development further weiterspinnen and conceives

(can). "

Maria Beyer moves in the last years occasionally a developed impression with your distinguished book, which sprays in such a way before Kreativitaet nur, by

right that Mind Mapping is understood as a " funny technique for occasionally ". The brain research obtained substantial progress in the last years. Which we know

today about the mode of operation of our brain, the Mind Mapping perfected as technique and is proof for its high topicality and efficiency.

" For a multiplicity of thoughts and thought processes, as Gerd Gerken calls the today necessary requirements to thinking in still being certain references and categories, the Mind Mapping is in almost unequalled way, an equipment to the Mind & Brain styling. In the Mind Mapping is fulfillable which needs the new Brain culture: Printout means and -, in those the many parallel, precipitous in addition, paradoxes form processes and results of one process instant ' frozen ' ."

BrainLand is a seminar between two book covers, which work arranges as thinking- and creativity instrument, which takes very value up-to-date and an even extremely promising. The viewer of the book becomes - almost playfully - the insider of his brain. BrainLand is a spreading concept for learning and thinking in arrange-chaotic conditions and possibilities. Die"Tour de Brain " is a journey, which is worthwhile itself in each aspect!